“I am the cause and the reality is the effect”

~ Homaya

Sacred geometry sequences as a foundation of life

Light Language is the language that everything in nature and life is made of! The letters of Light Language are made of sacred Geometry and colors, and a light language grid is an incredible and impactful way to eliminate old patterns and to pull a new reality in the area and to the degree that you wish for that honours you and your highest alignment. This wisdom was passed down from master to students through a Curanderos lineage, the Mexican shamans and medicine people rooted in the Mayan culture. They had the ability to describe and define the energetic charge of the manifested realm, all composed from Sacred Geometry and colours. 

With them you can write any life story you wish to manifest.

• Learn the fundamental geometries and colors that reality is made of.

• Learn the impact of each of the 7 basic colors and shape vibrations.

• Invite a new conscious energetic structure, as a 7 shape grid (from more than 70 life essences grids, such as Creativity, Health, Intimacy and more).

The beautiful ripple effect of a Light Language Grid is that it can enhance every layer of your life in so many magnificent ways as it empowers and pours more love and harmony throughout your journey. This can ripple into your creativity, career, relationships, and connection to your dreams and most loving path forward.


Depending on what Grid we choose to enhance your personal process, your Grid may activate: 



self love
















A bit about the sessions:

A Light Language Grid is offered as a program of at least 44 days. We begin with a 30-40min session by phone, then your Light Language Activation Grid will be sent electronically for you to personally work with for 44 days (or more). Let the magic begin and your life to shift! We have a 30min follow up session 44 days after to see how it is integrating and what it is manifesting in your life. You can choose to continue to use the grid until a future date, or we can cancel the activation as well if you feel complete.


“Inner struggle echoes how much you’re afraid of your own light”

~ Homaya

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