“Love has come to rule and transform; Stay awake my heart, stay awake”

~ Rumi

I work with the subtle energies of the physical, subconscious and energetic levels of your body, mind and spirit for your most graceful and harmonious healing.

These sessions are a holistic way to honour your mind, body and soul, and are a sacred place for you to surrender to your heart and empower the known and unknown parts of your wholeness.

There may be opportunity for cleansing and release of that which does not serve your highest vibration, and we work to remap and raise your vibration for your highest alignment of love and harmony. These sessions are a powerful way to deepen your healing and your relationship to your body, mind, and heart with the inner knowing of self-love, compassion and wisdom.

The beautiful ripple effect of this harmonization can also enhance the layers of your life in so many magnificent ways as it empowers and pours more love and harmony throughout your journey. This can ripple into your creativity, career, relationships, and connection to your dreams and most loving path forward.


Depending on what is being called forth during your personal process, your session may include: 


chakra clearing and rebalancing

soul retrieval


shamanic journeying

animal totem work


womb wisdom

inner child work

divine feminine embodiment

light language + light grids

divine fem/masc sacred union


crystal wisdom

oracle guidance

sonic alchemy

intuitive guidance

divine design

A bit about the sessions:

Intuitive Harmonizing is offered as a single session. You can choose your session type:

By Distance ~ Sessions are 75 minutes and are held via phone or zoom audio. After a 10-15 minute discussion about your process, we move through the call and have you get comfortable for your session. It’s ideal to be in a peaceful place that you can lie down and be free from distractions. You can choose to set your intention, have a candle lit and perhaps have relaxing music playing or use essential oils to amplify your senses. Typically you relax and rest for 60 minutes for the healing session and then can continue on with your day with ease. If guided, I will follow up via email within 24hrs with any essential points or ‘heartwork’ that need to be communicated for you and your highest vibration as you integrate.

In Person (local to Vancouver and North Vancouver Canada) ~ Sessions are 75 minutes and include a pre consultation, harmonization, and closing consultation with any suggestions or ‘heartwork’ for you to continue your alchemy. We follow the same process as a distance session and sessions may also include additional work with aromatherapy, crystals, sound, colour and/or an oracle card reading.

“Open yourself as a receptive vessel for the creative currents of love to flow through you”

~ Leyolah Antara

Are you ready to dive deeper within yourself and your soul?

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