“It’s easy to look outside, but it’s more important to look inside”

~ Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta


Are you ready to empower yourself with the deepest level of healing and divine guidance available to you?

I know —— it sounds grand. The Akashic Records are extremely tangible while being delightfully soulful.

Otherwise known as the Book Of Knowledge, or the Book of Life, the Akashic Records hold an infinite well of sacred information about your soul, its themes and lessons. It is truth and love. It is the living record of past, present and future creations of your soul and assists you in remembering and aligning to your own creation story. Tapping into the Akasha life force is a journey of raising your frequency and vibration of love.

This work can be subtle yet powerful, big and beautiful, teary with resonance of truth, joyful, and deeply healing.

It is for your highest empowerment, radiance and active participation in your life and the growth of your soul and soul gifts to be remembered and re-activated.

I find that each time, the Record Keepers are so clear, concise, loving, and patient with our humanity as they remind us of our divinity.

Simmering in the Akashic Records transmission of my own healing, this modality has been incredibly transformational for my own embodied wisdom, my family and ancestral healing, my ability to heal deep wounds around sisterhood, and my sexual energy of creation, visibility and embodied expression.

Come journey with your Record Keepers and the most exalted path of your soul and dive deeper into your healing, purpose and soul’s radiance.

Journey through infinite possibilities as you live in full alignment with your soul’s path.


Some golden nuggets and benefits you receive from accessing your Akashic Records are:


connection with your guides, Ascended Masters, Teachers, and Record Keepers

empowered optimal health, energy and self-care

build trust, intuition, confidence, decision making ability and understanding

discover your Soul’s purpose

discover divine gifts and talents

remove limiting patterns, beliefs and dis-ease

powerfully transform your relationships with loved ones, career and money

heal at the deepest level of your core being in all dimensions, planes, and times

connection to your high level of intuition and wisdom

receive understanding and insight to courageously make quantum leaps in your life

co-create and manifest


A bit about the sessions:

Akashic Record Soul Journey sessions are offered in single sessions or packages of 3. If you’re unsure which to choose, we can work together to determine what’s right for you.

Sessions are 60 minutes and are held via phone or zoom audio. After a 5 minute discussion about you and your process, we open up to your records and let the Records Keepers guide us through your Akashic journey. It’s ideal to be in a peaceful place that you can sit or lie down and be free from distractions. You can choose to set your intention, have a candle lit and perhaps use essential oils to amplify your senses. You may also want a journal nearby to record any insight or illuminations.

A bit about my own Akashic Record journey:

I will always remember my first Akashic Record reading with Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny as a very powerful healing for myself, my maternal line, and embracing my expression of wisdom and intuitive embodiment.

I re-aligned with my truth as my highest expression and embraced pathways of feminine BE-ing and released old patterns of continuous doing, serving and working.

I knew from my first session that the Akashic Record alchemical map was in complete alignment with Kundalini Dance™ and Andean Wisdom – and I loved that it was vibrating on the sacred dance floor of my life and accessed from the comfort of my own home (and heart). It felt like a deep knowing of truth and a homecoming to add this transformational modality to my own embodiment and as a sacred offering to my community.

I feel deep gratitude and honour for the life I live and the magnificent transformations I get to witness in myself and others. I’m honoured to be a loving vessel for this wisdom and the remembrance of your most loving path in life.


“Allow the beautiful knowing of your heart and soul to spark your joy, ignite your power, fuel your passions, amplify your life and ripple out into the hearts of others”

~ Martine Kleissen


Are you ready to dive deeper within yourself and your soul?


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