There are many beautiful, transformational ways in which we can work together.

For in-person group events such as Kundalini Dance and other collaborations, please visit the Events page. But for one on one work together and private Mentorship please read through the possibilities and feel what resonates with your heart and its expansion.

Alignment happens when we work with our body, mind and soul. As such, also when we work practically, energetically and spiritually. Depending on what you desire, any and all the offerings are a great place to deepen into your wisdom, remember who you are, transform and transmute that which no longers serves your highest alignment, and inspire yourself to walk forward embracing your radiance and your dreams.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

~ Anaïs Nin

Vibrant Health & Wellness

Discover how to feel more Vibrant in your Body, Mind and Soul.
Gain energy, enhance performance, have healthy weight maintenance and increase your vitality so you can thrive.

Light Language

Light Language is the language that everything in nature and life is made of! The letters of Light Language are made of sacred Geometry and colors, and a light language grid is an incredible and impactful way to eliminate old patterns and to pull a new reality in the area and to the degree that you wish for that honours you and your highest alignment.

Intuitive Harmonizing Session

Harmonize the subtle energies of the physical, subconscious and energetic levels of your body, mind and spirit for your most graceful and harmonious healing. These sessions are a holistic way to honour your mind, body and soul, and are a sacred place for you to surrender to your heart and empower the known and unknown parts of your wholeness.

Akashic Record Soul Reading

The Akashic Records hold an infinite well of sacred information about your soul, its themes and lessons. It is truth and love. It is the living record of past, present and future creations of your soul and assists you in remembering and aligning to your own creation story. Heal past patterns and wounds, raise your frequency and vibrate with love.