“If I remember the worth of that quiet (fierce) unassuming voice of love inside me, I save myself. Each time I simply use it ”

~ Meggan Watterson

Embrace Who You Are And Share It With The World

Calling all women who are ready to awaken their true potential on the dance floor! Join us on International Women’s Day for a beautiful gathering of Divine Feminine Embodiment and celebration.

Journey into the divine wisdom through Divine Feminine Akashic Record Activation healing followed by a sacred Kundalini Dance™ ceremony connecting you to your power and gifts by letting go what no longer serves you and calling in the divine embodiment of truth of who you really are.

Beginning from the crown chakra we begin by accessing all of your etheric energies letting go of subconscious limiting constructs that disconnect the mental body to the heart. The Akashic Records hold an infinite well of sacred information about your soul, its themes and lessons. It is truth and love. Tapping into the Akasha life force is a journey of raising your frequency and vibration of love. Light up your mind-body-soul with cellular activations, compassionate healing, luminous expansion, and the loving power of feeling your wholeness and divine embodiment.

We then flow into movement medicine with a Divine Feminine Kundalini Dance™ journey into the heart as you dance all of your power back to yourself anchoring to the root of mother earth. Dance to celebrate who you are in your embodied wholeness. Embrace your inner wisdom and surrender to your divine feminine embodiment with the sacred priestess archetypes of Kundalini energy as a transformational current of life. Explore how Kundalini Shakti manifests as the Divine Mother, Lover, Wild Woman, Pure Heart, and Wise Woman. Each feminine archetype is dynamic and transformational as she activates us to remember ourselves as a sovereign creatrix, healer, and vessel of love. Through these deep embodiment practices we explore the foundations of inner tantra and how to circulate the Shakti force to generate the inner energies required for alchemical transformation.

Kundalini Dance™ is a sacred, tantric, shamanic practice where you can authentically express yourself through movement, breath and sound. Each dance becomes a transformational process of deeper presence and self-healing. Working with the deep primal force of the Divine Feminine Earth and Divine Masculine light of Source, we invite these energies to unify and integrate in sacred union in every cell of our hearts while opening ourselves up to living in alignment with more joy, love, peace and freedom.

This ecstatic embodiment practice rejuvenates the body, purifies stagnant emotional energy, brings insight and clarity into limiting beliefs and remaps pathways to love that support the awakening and integration of higher consciousness.

This is a journey back home to your body’s wisdom, a celebration of joy and a blossoming of your spirit.

“I invite you to consider enlightenment as simply recognizing the light within you and deciding to never look away from that light again.”

~ Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 147

Divine Feminine Ceremony ~ International Women’s Day Celebration

Sunday March 8th
2:00pm – 5:30pm 
Mission, BC

$65 by Feb 29th
$75 Regular
$120 Sisterhood Special

Register online {or reserve your spot and pay in cash with Nicole at the Natural World Crystals and Gifts}


Are you ready to dive deeper within yourself and light up new pathways of light and love?

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In the heart of downtown mission, The Natural World Crystals and Gifts is a haven for those searching for more. It is a safe place for anyone at any point of their spiritual journey. Whether you are looking for beautiful crystals and other spiritual tools, card readings, mediumship, reiki, or transformative workshops, ceremonies and drum groups you will find what you need in a inviting, inclusive environment. It is here where Nicole thrives, being able to aid people in their journey through sharing her knowledge, training, personal experience and spiritual gifts with others. She believes so many of us have forgotten our innate connection to the Natural world, and most Importantly, to themselves. By reuniting that connection we ignite the passion, freedom and joy within ourselves so we may do the same for others. FB: Earthtacular Rock and Gem


Martine is a ‘heartpreneur’ that believes in the power of love, heart-centered connection, and embodying the beauty way of embracing the wholeness of our humanity and our divinity.

Her passion is creating sacred spaces for women to feel the deep wisdom of their womb-heart as a catalyst to remember who they are as they embrace their highest expression of love and freedom. She holds deep reverence for transformation and inner alchemy through the sacred tantric practice of facilitating Kundalini Dance™ and the traditional Andean wisdom-teachings of the rainbow frequency of healing medicine with the serpent (mind), puma (body) and condor (soul).

Her healing journey began in 2009 when she moved to Vancouver, and she has continued to pour love and compassion into her expansion and alchemical transformation that has deepened her inner knowing and remembrance of beauty, truth, and soulful expression.

As a Andean Mesa Carrier, Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator, practicing Intuitive Guide, and Certified Akashic Records Advanced Consultant, she anchor a rainbow bridge of divine feminine and masculine energies that help you remember the wholeness of your humanity and divinity. With deep reverence for those that have come before us, she calls upon ancient wisdom-teachings and traditions, as passed on for Millenia, to support us in the present with our healing for past, present and future generations.

What lights her up is musical medicine, the simple pleasures of life, and the beautiful embodiment of freedom. She feels a deep honour in helping others remap and heal their body and mind and listen to their wisdom of their heart and soul.

Here’s to walking the beauty way together.

IG @heartpreneur8 | FB: Kundalini Dance Vancouver 

The Final Details

Cancellation Policy: Once payment is made, the spiritual journey begins and things may arise for you to reflect on and heal. Fear and resistance may come up, and the body-mind can alert you to cellular or energetic density that is awaiting healing, harmony and heart alchemy. You are invited to stay present to your process, and pour the compassion, grace and benevolence on and within yourself. This session is non-refundable yet you can transfer your ticket to another woman if she would like to come instead.

This is an alcohol and drug-free event. Please refrain from wearing any synthetic fragrances or perfumes. However, as each dance is a sacred ceremony, we use sage, sweet grass and palo santo, and may use essential oils throughout the ceremony.
Please connect with Martine if you are pregnant (or trying to conceive), or have specific injuries as the breath patterns/movements may be adapted for you.

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