“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

~ Rumi

Expand Into Love and Receive New Pathways Within To Create More Beauty & Love In Your Life

Feel the power of the Love Code that exists within you and all around you.

You are worthy to receive more love in your life. It’s your birthright to feel this pure power and beauty exist within you and circulate its magnificence all around you and your life.

Light up your mind-body-soul with cellular love code activations, compassionate healing, luminous expansion, and the loving power of feeling your vessel of love. Clear stagnant energy and stories that no longer serve you and your highest alignment with love. Remap old patterns, remove barriers you have built against it, and dissolve the illusions that keep you loving small and contained.

Are you open and willing to walk the beauty way of love?

To receive new luminous light channels of ease, pleasure and divine knowing?

To allow more love to flow into your life and to expand your capacity to also share it?

Receive its vibration with a soft openness so it can nourish you in all ways. This transformational activation will empower your light body to amplify and increase its frequency of love and harmony within body and mind, while the Akashic Record Masters, Galactic Guides & Angelic Order will grace you with delightful soul knowing, joy, and wisdom for you to soak up, revel in, and circulate for a heart-led life of infinite possibility.

Remember who you are and open to the highest light and order within the Temple of your Crystalline Heart. There is so much to remember as we walk in our world; our purity, grace, strength, fluidity, softness and diamond light….We are here to remember how to work with and integrate these energies for our highest potency for ourselves and for beautiful, loving service to our relationships, communities, and humanity.

Polish the gemstone of your body, heart and mind to enhance the vibration of your inner radiance. Remember who you are ~ shine your love and let it reign within your inner kingdom.

Some golden nuggets you will experience and gain are:


Conscious Creation

Amplify Energy & Focus

Remove Limiting Patterns, Beliefs, Barriers & Dis-ease

Discovery & Dreamweaving

Magnify & Attract Soulmate Partners & Clients

Increase Your Prosperity & Creativity Grids

Raise Your Vibration of Truth & Power with Love

Connect with your Ascended Masters, Teachers, Guides & Record Keepers

Empower Soul-Strategies for Optimal Health & Loving Self-Care

Build Trust, Clarity, Confidence, Decision Making Ability & Understanding

Receive Deeper Understanding & Insight to Courageously make Quantum Leaps in Your Life

Co-create & Manifest with Inspired Embodied Action


“How you live shapes your life and your world. If you want a world filled with love & kindness, become the shape of Love, be the face of Kindness

~ Hiro Boga

Akashic Record Collective Healing

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