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Intuitive Harmonizing Session

Harmonize the subtle energies of the physical, subconscious and energetic levels of your body, mind and spirit for your most graceful and harmonious healing. These sessions are a holistic way to honour your mind, body and soul, and are a sacred place for you to surrender to your heart and empower the known and unknown parts of your wholeness.

Akashic Record Soul Reading

The Akashic Records hold an infinite well of sacred information about your soul, its themes and lessons. It is truth and love. It is the living record of past, present and future creations of your soul and assists you in remembering and aligning to your own creation story. Heal past patterns and wounds, raise your frequency and vibrate with love.

Cacao ▽△ Connection

August 19, 2018

11:30am – 2:00pm

We raise another glass of sacred cacao drink and step into sisterhood with heart opening laughter & tears. There might be oracle cards, affirmations, invocations, releasing exercises, the only rule of the day is that our hearts lead the way.


August 29, 2018

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Come gather in community to celebrate the fullness of life while taking time to honour and feel renewed as we shift from the radiant summer energy and begin another cycle of the inner and outer Fall season. This is a time to honour your inner light while planting seeds for a loving, abundant harvest.

Kundalini Dance ~ Embodied Wholeness

Begins September 2018

Mondays at 7:30pm

A soulful program for women that will energize your spirit to purify your body, awaken the wisdom within and open you fully as love. Remember your radiance, illuminate your spirit and transform your life. Live in embodied wholeness.

Wholehearted Connection

September 26, 2018

7:30pm – 9:30pm

A monthly women’s circle to foster a beautiful connection to your wisdom within

About Martine

Martine passionately creates opportunities for people to feel the power and wisdom of their heart and its ability to be a catalyst to thrive in life and feel more connection, transformation, vibrancy, abundance and freedom.