Photo credit: Clare Elizabeth

Photo credit: Clare Elizabeth


Hello beauty, 

I’m Martine. I’m a ‘heartpreneur’ that believes love, freedom and transformational growth flourishes when in union with sacred connection, embodiment and authentic expression.

I create sacred spaces for women to feel the deep wisdom of their heart. I act as a catalyst to remember who they are, and how their soul speaks to them, while walking in a good way for their mind, body and soul.

As a Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator, practicing Intuitive Guide, and Certified Akashic Records Consultant, I anchor a rainbow bridge of divine feminine and masculine energies that help you remember the wholeness of your humanity and divinity. With deep reverence for those that have come before us, I call upon ancient wisdom-teachings and traditions, as passed on for Millenia, to support us in the present with our healing for past, present and future generations. 

My work is a combination of practical and soulful ways. In co-creation, we feel into what’s right to move through life in a gentle yet transformational way to alchemize your life and help you thrive in your essence. I hold these sacred teachings and wisdom with so much love and beauty, and feel honoured to be a conduit of love with full presence for you and your alignment.

What lights me up is musical medicine, the simple pleasures of life, and the beautiful embodiment of freedom.

I feel a deep honour in helping others remap and heal their body and mind, and thus amplify their sense of inner connection, wellness, and compassionate embodiment. Once re-connected through remembering, my clients thrive in life with vibrancy, abundance and freedom.




“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

~ Rumi (from journal entry 2008)

Here’s a bit of my herstory:

I was introduced to Kundalini Dance™ by my dear roommate, after moving to Vancouver in the fall of 2009. I was definitely resistant and skeptical, but open to going and experiencing this practice. I knew I needed to shift my life but was unsure how.

With each dance, I began to slowly transform. Through this sacred practice of embodied remembering, and connection to my inner healer using alchemical breath keys, I began to feel inspired from within. In 2010, my healing deepened by beginning my Andean Mesa journey. Deep shamanic work began unraveling my wounds and stories, and empowered my mind, body, and spirit through traditional Blackfoot medicine teachings and Andean wisdom. It was these two pathways of Kundalini Dance & my Mesa that led me home ~ to the beauty and power of my heart.

As I continued to deepen through my layers, I patiently waited for more Kundalini Dance events in Vancouver, yet facilitators continued to move away every couple of months. It was December, 2012, at a magnificent women’s circle that my heart loudly proclaimed that I needed to become a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator myself and do it as soon as possible.

A few weeks later, in January, 2013, I found myself travelling to Australia where I would begin the certification process. This magnificent deep dive opened up my embodiment as I experienced the depths of learning the alchemical keys of transformation and sacred union, and of holding safe, sacred space for others to transform, remember and expand as well.

My heart began to feel full.

“Feel the essence of your heart….follow that in this life.”

~ Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta

But it wasn’t always this way. I grew up in sunny southern Alberta, Canada, with roots cultivated on a 3000-acre grain farm. Next to the Oldman River, I could feel the freedom of mother earth through the sun, the winds and the soil. Listening deeply to the pulse of the land, I felt her seasons and saw her bounty. 

In sacred circles, I recall it as “where the coyotes howl at the moon”. A deep remembering of that howling from childhood lives on. Coyotes, yipping and hollering through the night left me longing to know the meaning of their cries. Wanting a direct translation I started to tune inward and listened deeply with my heart. There, I found and felt the yips and exclaims of unabashed joy of the night, of community, and of fortunate freedom.

Schooled in a small town and a graduating class size of less than 100, I was the light-hearted girl who was a friend to all. Not to say there weren’t challenges, upsets or tiffs, but I recall finding the love in most of my classmates and wanting them to know I saw their light too. I couldn’t care less about stereotypes; the ‘popular’ kids, the ‘druggies’, the ‘jocks’ or the ‘whiz’ kids — but would meander my way through them all. A self-professed total band nerd, I mastered the flute with much joy and anything creative was my bliss.

Shining brightly is also the memory of downright hating mathematics and the many cried tears over solving formulas of no relevance to my creativity or my desires. Conversely, I loved chemistry (all of that universal cosmic creation!), art and creativity, and of course, deep friendships. To me, these friends are the pillars of cultivating community, sisterhood and deep bonds of love and honour of our differences. And I feel so blessed to still call these girls dear friends into my now 30s.

Friendship and culture was an important key to growing up. My parents were gracious hosts of exchange students from around the world, and under our own roof, we became versed in the universal languages of love, communication, and happiness. With a fond love of flipping through National Geographic magazine, again and again, seeing other cultures made me feel oneness, unity, and deep respect.

I always wanted to see the world, to feel other cultures, and to spread the word that our power lies in unity rather than separation. 

I may not have known it in those terms growing up, but deep down I understood we are all in this world to feel connected and respected in our wholeness. After high school, it’s no surprise I would find myself taking a year off and backpacking around Australia. I later returned home to Lethbridge, Alberta, for University unclear of what I wanted to learn, but guided by a thirst to do so. My formal education grounded itself in Anthropology and Shamanism, the study of culture, people and the bridge between spiritual worlds, of course! After graduation, I landed my dream job working at Immigrant Services as a School Based Settlement Support Mentor for new immigrants and refugee children, youth and their schools.

Meanwhile, about 2 months after ending a 4 year relationship, I found myself called to rekindle an exciting chemistry with a man I enjoyed many years before. It had previously seemed it was always the wrong time to pursue its depth. After a spontaneous week-long road-trip vacation with him, I felt a new fire of life pulsing through me to live my passion and pursue this ‘new’ love that was remembered deep within my heart.

With life moving in a joyful forward motion, just over 1 month into this long distance relationship with my lover Shawn, we made the choice that I would move to Vancouver to start a life of togetherness and open up my world further by moving to ‘the big city’. 5 months later I found myself moving through this transition with ease and joy yet the beginnings of deep ripple effects of growth were being uncovered. 

Although I felt anchored in my trust, truth and inner knowing that this new chapter of love and life was my next adventure, other areas of life began to be illuminated for transformation and change.

Soon after moving to East Vancouver in 2009, I felt very alone, unsafe, disconnected, and unsure of who I was. I could no longer define myself by my career or social circle and had no idea who I was without my definition of what I did or who I spent my time with in the world. 

In the midst of facing the challenges of moving away from my incredible career, family, and many dear female friends, my relationship with my sister started to shift and crack. Although I remember feeling very much in my truth and authentic power and joy, guided by a new adventure and filled with love, this fracture with my sister became the foundation for deep inner work. The need for further healing and transformation yet to come in many areas of my life, due to the detachment I was moving through, was beginning to reveal itself. 

This ripple effect of separation and the unraveling of stories and internal programming from many parts of me became waves of healing and transformation to not only my identity, but my relationship to my mind and my sense of worthiness and trust in sisterhood and soul growth.

What I recognize now as a “quarter-life-crisis”, or as I felt at the time, the “unraveling”, was in full effect. Who was I? What was my “purpose” if I was just living and not working? How could I trust myself and my sense of sisterhood (in my family and the world)? What was my connection to… well, anything?

My new social circle had good, kind people, but not “my” people. I had no idea how to find beautiful friendships in a new city that felt cold and uninviting. I was grateful for my lover and my communal living housemates but was generally afraid and uneasy in my neighbourhood and in the big city. This prairie girl’s mind had gripped me with a story of fear that I needed to protect myself and my belongings from everyone and everything around me. 

Confiding in two dear friends that I was having a hard time, I spoke this truth to myself aloud and my trusted advisors and the tears began to flow. And flow they did. The tears flowed for months. In turn, I was not sleeping well as my mind turned over and over with stress and my heart ached. 

Waking up in the middle of the night, time and time again, I would get up, stare out the window to the stars and the mountains of North Vancouver, and weep for hours on end. I didn’t know what I was weeping for, or for whom, but it felt like I was weeping for myself and the entire world at the same time.

For all those times that I hadn’t allowed the tears to flow. For all those times I sucked it up because I was called highly sensitive. For all those past experiences that I felt I failed, and for all those times I felt shame and didn’t follow my heart. I wept for friends deeply missed, for my strained relationship with my sister, and for my sense of disconnection to this city, to the land, and to my new life.

After months of wading through the grief and range of resulting emotions, I started to gain bits of insight into my experience through three dear mentors to my soul. My best friend from childhood would hold space and sacred silence over the phone through many teary phone calls. In strength, she reminded me it was all okay exactly as it was. That it was safe to feel. And that I finally had the time and energy to feel it all; whatever it was. It was all in perfect timing.

Another dear soul friend (my aunt Lottie) helped me remember that transitions can be difficult and floundering may be natural, but that I had always found my way before, and I’d find it again. Words of nurturing and compassion reminded me of the deep well of peace, beauty, and tranquility within my heart.

Through these two beautifully wise women, Kundalini Dance sessions, and my Mesa wisdom work, I was rekindling and remembering the relationship with my heart.  And it was the infinite, loving vessel of my heart where I could turn inward when things felt challenging. Through my own vessel of love I could remember and honour my truth (even the smallest speck of it) and alchemize my life with it’s nourishment and transformation.

I was wading through the loving waters of my soul.

“When you are in pain – the joy is really close. When you are in doubt – the clarity is really close. When you are in confusion – the absolute clarity is not that far away. When you are lost – being found is very very close. That’s the good news. When you are suffering – that relief is as close as it can be. What seems a million miles away – is close. And in this world, the one that we are looking for – is always within, inside of us.”

~ Prem Rawat (from journal entry 2010)

And then, for the first time in my life, on a particularly dark night of the soul, as I stood in complete darkness at my bedroom door, trying to usher myself back to sleep, weeping and praying for strength, a bright, all-encompassing light enveloped me. In awe, humbled and with a gentle breath of peace, I stood in the I Am Presence of my Guardian Angel.

It was then that I knew in every cell of my being that I was held with so much cosmic love and compassion, always, and this love would continuously illuminate my life.

“We can turn within and wait for the grace to descend. We can have compassion for ourselves. And we can be willing to do anything to return to peace within.”

~ Lottie (from journal entry 2010)

And so as I continued to unravel and heal, I gave myself permission and compassion time and time again:

for tears and grief

for a sense of disconnection and insecurity

for the ability to speak my truth and return to the feeling of peace

for pain and joy

for the simple pleasures in living life

for the longing to come back home to the heart and the inner wisdom within

for the courage to feel my way through and fill my cup with love

for openness to learn, grow, evolve and remember

for my willingness to be human and to remember the divine lives within.

I continued walking, knowing and dancing my path of inner healing, transformation, and inner alchemy.

Continuing my practice of Kundalini Dance, dance after dance I began to show up for myself and held the space for healing and transformational soul-work. As I did that, I also danced my prayers and gratitude; for body, mind, and soul and all the frequencies of light in between.

Thanks to Kundalini Dance and my Mesa, layer after layer of shame and victimhood began to melt away, and I felt empowered in my intuition and inner understanding. I found courage in the most unlikely places within. I embraced my source of knowing and empowered my creativity. I found my voice and my authentic expression. I began to find a heartfelt community of women that I loved and deepened my connection and reverence to the earth and cosmic grid of light above. I overcame my fear of death and discovered the infinite supply of divine intelligence all around and within me. 




Through my own journey I remember:

I am whole, I am worthy, I am free

My home is within my heart

My soul knows the way.


“My life became a dance, my dance became my medicine, and my medicine became my message.”

~ Martine

Thank you to all beings seen and unseen that helped me empower my life.

With so much grace and gratitude,

And so it is.




Some major soul-growth points of transformation and deepening:

2009 ~ Danced Kundalini Dance for the 1st time

2010 ~ 1 year mentorship ‘The Shaman’s Altar – the Mesa’ with Kimmapii Spirit Energies. Andean Wisdom & MunayKi rites, and Blackfoot Medicine with Shannon & Marv Harwood

2011 ~ Began working with Children of the Seven Rays, the Andean Mesa. Started an Andean Wisdomkeeper mentorship with Jhaimy Alvazez-Acosta (lifelong)

2011 ~ ‘Protections’ graduate level program with Kimmapii

2012 ~ 1 year mentorship ‘The Archetype Project’ with Kimmapii

2012 ~ 3 month ‘Nu Icon Mentorship’ in soul art and iconic essence with Laura Hollick

2012 ~ Coordinator and host of monthly ‘Diva Date Night’ with Kate Muker’s Conscious Divas

2013 ~ Travelled to Australia for Kundalini Dance™ certification and mentorship with Leyolah Antara (lifelong)

2013 ~ Danielle LaPorte’s ‘Desire Map’

2014 ~ Found my network marketing forever-home with health and wellness company Isagenix (lifelong)

2015 ~ ‘Amplified Leadership’ training and mentorship with David T.S Wood (ongoing)

2015 ~ Registered Children of the Seven Rays Foundation as a BC non-profit society (ongoing)

2016 ~ ‘Intuitive Business Planning’ with Carmen Spagnola

2016 ~ 1st Akashic Record Reading and Star Activations with Baljit Rayat (ongoing)

2016 ~ ‘Clarity to Clients and Business Pleasure Map’ program with Allison Braun

2017 ~ Began working with Ajna Light pineal gland therapy (ongoing)

2017 ~ 9 month certification with ‘Soul Journeys Akashic Records’ with Baljit Rayat (ongoing)

2017 ~ Weekly Mastermind with MMC soulful triad (ongoing)

2017 ~ Guest trainer at Leyolah Antara’s Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training in Bali

2017 ~ Founded Wholehearted Connection women’s collective with Cara Halber and Marjolaine Millette (ongoing)

2018 ~ Received ‘Star Activation Soul Blueprint’ from Baljit Rayat

2018 ~ Sex & Sensuality Healing Intensive Akashic Records program & Soul Visionary Mentorship with Baljit Rayat (ongoing)

2018 ~ ARC 4 (2018 Intensive) Akashic Records program for Certified Consultants with Jennifer Longmore

2018 ~ Sacred Journey to Peru for 1 month with Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta

2019 – Light Language Level 1 with Homaya

2019 ~ Akashic Ascension Codes for Certified Consultants with Jennifer Longmore

2019 – Sacred Healing Mentorship Intensives with Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta (ongoing)

2019 – Andean Healing Techniques Level 1 & 2 for Wellness Practitioners with Jhaimy Alvarez-Acosta (ongoing)

2019 ~ ARC 4 (2019 Intensive) Akashic Records program for Certified Consultants with Jennifer Longmore